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Online Home Earnings with Paid to Click Sites:

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Paid to Click Sites: Tutorial and Techniques

Did you know there are sites that are willing to pay you to click Ads? Did you also know that it's FREE to sign up to them? You can earn money online, right now, there are already tens of thousands of people that are paid to work at home, some are making a tidy sum just by clicking on a link. PTC's or Paid to Click Sites offer FREE Memberships so you can make cash at home right away. Some Get Paid to Click Sites even offer you cash in your account just for signing up.

If you are new to paid to click sites and haven't enough knowledge ,  read this article carefully and then start your earnings after 5 minutes right now

Paid to Click Site - Basics

There are few things that you need before joining any site, Internet Connection and one PC at home. You can do this from cyber cafe but preferable internet connection and PC of your own at home, An E-mail Account, A Place to put you Cash Outs [Payment Processor] and a Site to Earn your Money.

Payment Processor

This is the most important site for you because this is the place where you can get your cash from all PTC sites. There are two most popular payment processors at present, first Paypal and 2nd is Alertpay. These days most of the ptc sites sends  earnings in your Alertpay account and you can receive your money from Alertpay through cheque because at present Alertpay do not support bank transfer to India.  Remember,  use unique passwords and username in Alertpay and note it some where .

Note:1. First Open Account at  Alertpay (if you don't have), then join PTC.

2. Select personal starter account, this is suitable for beginners


How to register at PTC Sites and surf Ads:

Open the site which you want to join, you will see there two worlds "Register" or "Sign up" as shown in image 1 below:


 PTC tutorial Tech1

to join the site you will see the word Register/signup as shown in the above picture . Click on it and fill up all the necessary fields.


PTC tutorial 2

After registering your membership you have to Login into your account. Click on login menu and fill up your username and password to login.


PTC tutorial 3

After login into your account you will see the window like this and click on Surf Ads menu to view the Ads.


PTC tutorial 4

 After performing step-3 you will see the page like this image.


PTC tutorial 5

Now you are standing at the door of PTC Earnings. Click the links/ads one by one and you have to wait till the counting finishes (30 sec.) and tick mark sign appears on the top of the page every time you click the ads, similar to the  image.


PTC tutorial 6

After finishing all the available ads in your Surf Ads page you can check your earnings by clicking Stats menu as shown above.

I think this tutorial will help you if you are new to the PTC Earnings. One thing I want to clear here that you cannot earn very big amount from these ptc sites and you cannot earn money very quickly ( within 15 or 30 days) You have to keep patience for about 2-3 months to earn real money in your hands or in your Alertpay Account. Try to build your down line members to increase your earnings. If you refer one friend to any site it means you have increased your earning double and you refer 3 friends then your earnings will rise 4 folds including your earning. So try to build your referrals for more earnings.

Warning; Do not create duplicate accounts to make down line members, they will delete your account for forever. Refer real ones, you will definitely earn money.

Suggestion: Join more then 10-15 PTC sites. With one or two ptc sites you cannot earn more than $10-20 spending after 2 months. Therefore, if you join 10- 15 sites you will earn about $100 to $150 within 2 -months with Three to five referrals. Once you earn $30-$40 you can purchase referrals  to increase your earnings 20-25 times, almost $100 in a month. This will take time keep patience. Read the forums regularly you will learn more there.

If you have any quarry about PTC earnings you can email me at


Best of luck and happy earnings.


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1st June You will see new look of this page with many new features in next 2-3 days.

May,28th Received first payment from PTCash within a week after request.

May,27th Google Issued my 6th ($183) cheque for Google adsense. Total received $930 including this.

May, 19th Payment No 4th Received from ($16.90).

May, 15th Received payment ($28.08) from in Paypal Account. Minimum requirement completed on 30th April.

May, 13 Received my 3rd payment ($10.17) from in my paypal account requested on 30th April.

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