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Healing Energy

Healing energy is starting to flow from the ball to your head... filling your body. Look as it fills your head... goes to your shoulders... flows down to your arms stomach and legs...and as your body is pulsing - filled with this energy - lift up your arm and put it on your friend where it hurts, in our example it’s the more
Source: East and West Series Posting Date: 03/09/07:


Pranayama ...Yogic Breathing

 Pranayama ( the yogic breathing) helps in increasing the mental and physical powers of endurance. Pranayama is the path to deeper relaxation and meditation and is a scientific method of controlling breath. It provides complete relaxation to the nervous system. ...more
Posted by: Himarticles  Posting Date: 02/10/07

The Power of Creative Mind

Your Creative power of mind has to have good thoughts to work on to produce good results. Continue to think positive thoughts, you will eventually get positive results. Your God-given creative power within cannot stop you from thinking the wrong thoughts or holding to the wrong pictures. ..more
Author: HAROLU SHERMAN Posting Date: 01/18/07

Living in The Present

Living in the present demands great courage. We need to break the hard shell of past habits, even those that are dear to us. The ego experiences a strange pleasure in clinging to its judgment of others and ourselves.. ....more
Author: Swami Chidananda Posting Date: 12/12/06

How To Cure The Little Hurts

There are millions of people everywhere whose spirits are not so surely battered, but nevertheless are bruised or hurt or wearied by little day to day difficulties, unkindness, Injustice, illnesses, disappointments that come to us all. ....more
Author: Norman Vincent peal Posting Date: 11/20/06

Why Vegetarian Diet ?

Most sceptics believe that vegetarians are a group of health fanatics. But the reasons for choosing a meat-free diet are not simply religious or moralistic. Let's examine some of the advantages of choosing a vegetarian diet. read more
Author: Shobha Nihalani  Posting Date: 11/12/06

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