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Java Script  Source code

 Below, you'll find extensive information on  Free Java Script,  articles and products to help you on your way to success.



Opening Pop Up Windows: Using this simple JavaScript a new windows pops up. Check out this code  Download Java Script Source Code


Pop up on mouse over script: This script by  will open and close a new window by placing your mouse over a link. All window properties can be specified in this script  Download Java Script Source Code


Example of the popup window using cookie script: 
This script will produce a popup window that will only appear once per day when your visitors enter your page or at longer intervals depending on how many days you have set your cookie to stay in your visitors cache for. 
You are able to adjust the window size, location, and have scrollbars, tool bar and menu bar if required.
Download Java Script Source Code


Flying Popup Window:

Create a popup that flies around screen. Use this code snippet to create a popup window that flies around the screen. Perfect for getting the attention of your web site visitor. Announce new features of your site, announce new products. Many cool uses.

 Download Java Script Source Code


Image controled popup:

When you click on the image a popup window will appear with another or same image.The height and width of the popup window are based on the popup image. Very useful for thumbnails.

Download Java Script Source Code


Frameless Popup window without Titlebar

In IE4 and later, launches a popup window without the Windows frame or titlebar (that is, a "containerless" window). In other browsers, it launches a standard popup window. Position, width, and height are settable. 

Download Java Script Source Code


Amazing Frameless 'Peeker' Popup:

Frameless IE Popup Window Glides into View. This is a frameless popup window without the Windows frame or titlebar for a clean, non-Windows look. Degrades functionally in other 4.x+ browsers; includes flexible, settable parameters for positioning and control.

Download Java Script Source Code


"BYE" Popup, onUnload:

This script is designed to open a window when the users are leaving your site. For example, when they leave your site you can open a window that says thank you for visiting.

Download Java Script Source Code


Popup Closer - Timer:

Use this code to get a popup window to close after a pre-determined amount of time. For example, set an advertisement popup window to remain open for 15 seconds, then it automatically closes.

Download Java Script Source Code 


Open 2 Popup Windows at Once: The code below opens 2 popup windows at once. Edit the code to get the 2 windows you want to open. 

                   Download Java Script Source Code

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